Silva 70p Compass

There are many women who, on being presented with this as their birthday present, would hurl the item in their husband's faces.

As it is quite heavy, I'm crossing my fingers that Liz is not one of them. I'm driving to Sea Kayak Oban this morning to buy one.

Sadly, Liz and I won't be together for her birthday. She has had to go south to look after her Mum who is having an operation tomorrow.

She's having a 'Watchman' fitted. Apparently, it's not a comic book hero.

When we were kayaking off Mingulay, Liz mentioned she would like a compass on her kayak, so I tucked the idea away. I'm not the greatest handy-man, but hopefully I'll get it fitted before she returns. Although the idea of driving screws into the gel coat flls me with dread.

What's that? Not very romantic? Surely you didn't think that was all I was getting her? Oh no.
She's also getting some silver Hunter wellies. I think they look like cyberman boots but hey, what do I know?


Douglas Wilcox said...

Oh I think that will all go down very well Simon. I hope Liz's mum feels better soon.

Don't bother with the paper template when drilling holes, use the brass base plate and when you have drilled the first hole srew it on temporaly then drill the hole opposite, screw it in then drill the other two holes. Now remove the baseplate attach the compass and screw it in place, lining up the lubber lines with the bow and stern just before screwing tight.

The screw are too long for the deck thickness and are very sharp so knead a little two part epoxy putty and stick a blob over each sharp end to protect dry bags etc.

Have fun,

Simon said...

DRILL !!???

(just joking). Thanks for posting this Douglas. I spotted it in Oban and dived into HomeBase to make sure I had a drill the right size.

Fingers crossed.

paddlingOTAKU said...


You make that sound simple. I am almost brave enough to do that on my kayak now!


Simon said...

But if you hear a scream tomorrow - it's me.

Here's another set of instructions from Duncan.