Skye Cycling

At 30 miles, this was a short, spectacular ride around the northern tip of the Isle of Skye.

The first two photos show the climb through the amazing scenery of the Quiraing. Our campervan had wheezed a little when we first drove this road, yet it was surprisingly easy on bikes. There was even a mobile snack-bar at the top.

A long, swooping descent to a cafe in Uig, before a climb and tour around the top of the island.

Apart from a moment when a bus tried overtaking me on a blind bend, on a single-track road then, realising a vehicle was coming the other way, simply pulled in to the left, sqashing me into the side of the road. Nice... Thanks Rapsons. I have a photo of your crap driver.

At least it wasn't as bad as Fiona's stories of Cycling Hell.

Liz climbing the Quriaing road

Steeper section of Quiraing road.

Duntulum Bay (where we landed after kayaking Rubha Hunish)

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