Alex The Lobster - No More

He is the King of the Tank, at the Sea Life Centre in Tobermory on Mull. Or rather, he was.

When I first told Alex's story, he had recently undergone a metamorphosis.

From being a no-clawed lobster who was bullied by the crabs, he emerged from his shell-shedding with a shiny, new, single claw. Alex was tooled up. He took the crown by force.

Sadly, I must now report, Alex is no more.

Staff came in to work one morning to find Alex dead in the tank. There were rumour of regicide, but the crabs stayed silent. His shell casts are now proudly displayed for all to see.

Yet his story remains untold. There are no interpretation boards or interactive displays chronicling his rise to power and untimely demise.

Indeed, the staff look rather surprised when a visitor asks, "Hi, where's Alex". I know. I've asked.

So next time you're in Tobermory, call into the Sea Life Centre in the corner of the big car park.

Take a look in the tank, where a new, as yet un-named lobster, is settling in. (That's him on the left).

Then spare a thought for his predecessor.

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