Hang On... I Know That Music!

We're going to build a patio ourselves. We were recommended a wee gadget called a 'Bricky' to help lay the block work. Liz looked it up online and watched the video. Then screamed!

The same music she heard coming out of my office day after day, while I edited Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown, is used in the Bricky promo video. Hear for yourself - it starts after 28 seconds.


Anonymous said...

Always thought it was quite a stirring & inspiring piece of music timed perfectly with the crashing waves sequence & preferably played loud - can you reveal what it is & by whom?

Much more suited to kayaking than brick-laying methinks tho wish I'd invented this gadget - if 50% of viewers actually buy it then that's a cool £200,000 in the bank!

Simon said...


The music is from an album of 'Production' music, specially composed for TV & video use.

This particular label is called Yopo (You Only Pay Once), in which the albums are quite expensive but you can use the music without copyright payment.

Some of it is elevator musac, but at other times it just clicks with the images. I'm glad you think it worked.