TV Great Climb Climber Injured - Stitches in Ankle

Dave MacLeod is reporting on his excellent blog that he has been injured while preparing for the televised live climb on Saturday.

The photo is from his website, but look - he's smiling. After that gash in his ankle revealed his bone he wrote: "After making the most of the rare opportunity to inspect my own skeleton, I abseiled down and started to hurt. 5 stitches later, I’m in less than perfect shape for climbing, or indeed anything right now."

Since then, Dave has been writing about what it's like to sit with his feet up while a team of 55 people work hard to prepare for Saturday's live HD Outside Broadcast.

There's a revealing interview with Dave in Scotland on Sunday. Their journalist Peter Ross visited a few weeks ago and shared the same wee B&B with us while we were filming.

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