Corran Ferry - The Work Starts

This floating pier, a 'spud leg barge', is going to be in place at the Corran Narrows soon to allow the ferry to keep running. Newspaper story.

The slipway is crumbling and needs repair. The community reacted angrily to Highland Council's original plan to shut the ferry for several weeks this spring. Previous stories.

They've come up with this alternative plan.

The big ferry goes for its annual re-fit this weekend, replaced by the small ferry. It will use this floating pier butwill operate only during daylight hours. And it will take time to set up.

So we anticipate queues in coming weeks. But it's better than the alternative plan. Incidentally, I snapped that barge-thing in Kyle Rhea off Skye while I was doing my 5* training with Gordon Brown.

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Mary Ann said...

Cool pic Simon! I was expecting a more exciting experience with the floating pier, but it's really all terribly normal lol!