New Finish to West Highland Way

He sits at the end of the long distance footpath, nursing a weary bronze foot. A silent salute to all those hikers who have walked the 95 mile long West Highland Way.

It is certainly not Scotland's greatest walk - far from it.

I sometimes think the WHW is actually a cunning ruse to keep visiting hikers out of Scotland's best wild country, and on a linear route where visitors can be parted from their money.

But of course, that's too cynical a thought.

Not so long ago there wasn't much of an official 'end' to the walk. A sign in a shop car park was all we could find when we walked the way over the 2000 Christmas holiday. So it's good to see a more welcoming end for the many walkers who tackle the way each year.

There has been a lot of local press about this, but this was the first time I'd seen it for myself.

I particularly liked the route map etched onto the paving slabs. Like the way itself, the map is dominated by Loch Lomond.

The new official WHW finish has been placed at the south end of Fort William. This is the opposite end of the town to where the walk arrives. It is also the opposite end of town to the bus station and railway station.

So weary hikers, seeking completeness, now feel compelled to walk the length of the high street, past all its shops, bars and restaurants. Twice.

If you were cynical, you might even be tempted to describe this new section as 'a linear route where visitors can be parted from their money'. Now where have I heard that before?

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Owen said...

Earlier this year we came across a couple who were trying to do "an extension to the WHW". This goes from Fort William to Cape Wrath. They thought it would be "just like the WHW". We met them in the middle of Knoydart, they were in a very sorry state.