"An economist", I was once told, "is someone who can explain, to five decimal places, why what he predicted would happen, didn't".

Weather forecasters seem much the same.

The 'theory' paper in the five star assessment scares many candidates, we were told during our training with Skyak.

Gordon took us through a previous paper verbally, waiting for us to volunteer answers, directing our responses.

This learning environment was clearly a lot less pressured than an assessment, yet each of us still felt the heat.

I decided I wanted to learn more about charts, navigation and weather. I thought I'd list some of the best books I'm using.

This is the first. RYA Weather Handbook - Northern Hemisphere. I have long been interested in weather and this has taken me to greater practical understanding as it affects the sea, so it's highly recommended.

If you're interested in buying a copy, I'd appreciate it if you could buy it using this link and I'll get a few pence to help keep this site running. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Done.. good tip Simon.

Anonymous said...

Can't see any relevant ads - have I just got an over-effective ad-blocker?

Simon said...

Perhaps - since I can see it and Tony could. I've added a simpler link.