Like Very Expensive Jelly Babies

On a recent ride of over four hours I tried my first PowerBar Ride Shots . I'm impressed.

On a long ride I aim for 60g of carbs an hour. Initially I take solid food, like a small pita bread and humus, supplemented with SIS PSP22 Drink.

Then I switch to energy bars. My long standing favourites have been SIS Go Sports Bars although I'm starting to enjoy the sweeter PowerBar Natural Energy Bars.

After that, my stomach doesn't tolerate solids, so I turn to Gels. SIS Go-Gel is the best I've found, but even that has problems.

What if I don't want a whole Gel in one go? They're impossible to keep from spilling once open. So I gulp it all down, and I have to stuff a sticky foil wrapper and tear-off top somewhere in my shirt.

Worst of all is the texture. Someone suggested Gels were designed by a woman to demonstrate to men how awful it is to be asked to swallow a quantity of icky, sticky goo.

The PowerBar Ride Shots are like solid, Gel pastels. 'Jube-jubes' my old Gran would call them.

One pack has roughly double the carbs of a Gel, but you can eat them slowly across the hour, regulating your intake. And there's no mess to scrape out of your pocket when you get home.

I'm not sponsored by them or anything commercial like that. I was just impressed and thought I'd share. But they'll never replace the magic of jelly babies for that last burst of sugar fueled energy.


paddlingOTAKU said...

Here in the US those are called PowerBar Gel Blasts and I am a big fan. The package even comes with a little sticky tab so you can reseal them once they are opened.


Marin said...

I suggest you try drinking honey (at least in summer, when it's liquid) instead of this gels.
It absorbs slowly, has lots of other healthy stuff and teast good.