Tay Descent Edit In Travelodge

Room 208 of Perth Travelodge was my mobile edit suite. Working SD allowed me to use the old iMac rather than the new MacPro big beast.

Six of us were shooting yesterday. I captured their material on the laptop while editing on the iMac. I finished the edit and sound mix (albeit a fairly rough one) and fell into bed at 02:10 this morning.

I've exported and watched the finished version. At eighteen minutes long, it's ideal for those who took part. I hope quite a few of them will be at the Paddle 2010 Canoe Show where it will be shown on the big screen at 12:30.

I'll upload it tomorrow and get it on this blog as soon as possible.


paddlingOTAKU said...

I remember a very long time ago giving my two cents on what computer equipment you should purchase. How is all that working out for you?


Anonymous said...

A great video - thank you very much. I was sponsored for the paddle - raising money for my favourite charity - so the video of me crossing the finish line was fantastic. I can prove I did it!