This WIll Be A Big Event

Noon today, Friday 15th October, is the deadline to enter next weekend's Tay Descent. If you're a canoeist or kayaker in the UK, you'll be in great company, so please come.

Entry numbers have have rocketed! When I last spoke to Stuart at the SCA there were more than 250 people planning to descent the Tay in one sort of craft or another. Some even in sea kayaks!

If you have entered, try to register on the Friday night as this will be much less hassle for you. Whatever you do, make sure you come to the indoor bit of the Paddle 2010 Show at the Bell's Sport centre on Sunday before noon. Technology permitting, you will then be able to watch a film of yourself and all the others, paddling down the Tay.

Six of us are going to be filming the Saturday descent; Anna, Ali, Dan, Ian, Liz and Me. I'll be editing their work through the night, so you can enjoy the results on Sunday. See you there!

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