Which Dry Suits Last Longest?

If you have had a leaky drysuit then the chances are you send it to this bloke for repair. Chris Steele runs Rubberman and has a good reputation for fast, reliable repairs.

We chatted on the phone last week and I thook the opportunity to ask Chris, "which drysuits do you see most for leak repairs?" Answer - "Palm, closely followed by Lomo".

So obvious second question, "Which of the breathable drysuits do you see least". Answer - "Kokatat".

This does not necessarily indicate reliability.

There are probably an awful lot more Palm and Lomo drysuits out there than Kokatat. The sheer number of them will mean there are more leaks needing repairs.

However, Chris takes the view that non-breathable drysuits last longest as they don't delaminate. Regular readers will know Liz and I have gone through quite a few Palm drysuits due to this problem. However, my current version of the Stikine is still going strong, keeping me dry.

Naturally, Chris insists the drysuits he makes and sells last longest. Well he would, wouldn't he?

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