Munro Bagging and the Seven Year Gap

When I started sea kayaking I was warned my Munro bagging would suffer. Boy did it ever! In the last seven years I have ticked off no new summits from this excellent book (the ideal Chrismas present incidentally). I've been up quite a few mountains over 3000ft, but none I hadn't previously climbed before.

"I feel I'm being unfaithful to the kayaks" confessed Liz as we packed the van last weekend and headed north. "Decent weather, a few days off, and no paddling... it doesn't seem right".

We are determined to rekindle our interest in hill-walking and mountaineering. It was this which brought us together in the first place, as we met on an expedition in Alaska. So we had one long-ish winter day and one short day on a lower mountain. The short day produced the better photos - they're coming tomorrow.

This was Conival and Ben More Assynt on a cold, crisp Monday morning, exactly a week ago. A far better place to start the week than sat behind a desk. Which I'm glad to say, I'm not.

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Chris said...


I originally started reading your stuff when you were a walker in TGO and then doing the PCT. For me the kayak stuff is interesting.....but I'd prefer more stuff on the hills! Even your cycling has more connect with me to be honest.

Great photos