Coastguard Station Closures - Have Your Say

Scotland will have just one 24 hour coastguard station, in Aberdeen.

Concerns about this were dismissed by a UK Government Minister, with breathtaking arrogance, as "scare mongering". He is wrong.

This is reserved issue. It's not devolved to the Scottish Parliament or Government. But it will be a big issue and might influence the Scottish elections in May.

It is noticeable how fast Scottish Liberal democrats are moving to distance themselves by decisions taken by their colleagues in the Westminster Coalition Government. Tavish Scott is quoted in this BBC story.

[Edit: A campaign is underway at Holyrood and in the Outer Hebrides]

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David said...

I find the survey to be more of a "this is what we intend to do" rather than a genuine attempt to consult. The questions are not such that one can put a general case for the MCA's continuing duty of care for safety at sea, and how well the current arrangements work. Before completing the survey it's necessary to have read and understood in some detail what is being proposed, if the questions are going to be effectively argued.