Report of Following the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail

Last summer, Gael Auffret used my guidebook to The Scottish Sea Kayak Trail to paddle Scotland's west coast.

At the start he refers to it a lot, but as he becxomes more familiar with the coast, the book crops up less frequently in his description. Which is good.

When I checked it was OK to link to his report, Gael told me, "The most interesting feature of your book is that there are at least 3 books in one. The first is the one you read before going when you don't know anything about the place you intend to paddle. The second is the one you read along the trail, when you prepare next day's navigation or reflect upon the paddle of the day. The third one is the one you read later, once you' ve returned to your regular life."

I'll be honest - I'm rather chuffed with that analysis. Thank you.

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Gaelounet said...

I mean it, Simon.
By the way I learnt something more today, a word : chuffed (pleased, delighed).