Irish Canoe Classics - New froom Pesda Press

This new offering from Pesda Press is going to be tricky to review, as I don't have a canoe and I've never paddled in Ireland!

It's due out in March costing £16.95 but as I haven't seen it, this is from the press release.

An illustrated guide to some of the finest tours of Ireland’s waterways. Wild loughs, placid canals and broad rivers, as they can only be seen from a canoe or kayak … Eddie and Tony have chosen the best inland touring routes. They are described in great detail and illustrated with numerous colour photos and maps.

The selected routes are suitable for open canoes, sit-on-tops and touring kayaks. Many of them can be tackled as a single voyage or a series of day trips, with campsites en route. The journeys are all accessible but highly varied, taking place on inland loughs, sheltered coastland and rivers.

A wonderful book for planning voyages and inspiring dreams, or sharing your experiences with others.

The authors are Eddie Palmer (author of Scottish Canoe Classics) and Tony Monaghan.

Eddie Palmer built his first wood and canvas kayak some 50 years ago. He has paddled extensively in the UK, Ireland, Europe, North America and Southern Africa. He is a keen member of the Scottish Canoe Association, and is currently the Board member concerned with Access and Environment.

His passion is for long-distance canoe touring and camping, although he also paddles whitewater, sails canoes and yachts. He is the editor of and a contributor to Scottish Canoe Touring, and author of Scottish Canoe Classics (Pesda Press).

Since childhood Tony Monaghan has spent his free time in the outdoors, becoming an expert in bushcraft and camping skills. Having discovered the freedom the open canoe ­offers he has been canoe touring here in Ireland and in Europe ever since. Tony is a member of the Wildwater Kayak Club, Ireland and also kayaks and plays canoe polo.

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