Quiet. Too Quiet.

I know. My blog has been unusually quiet. However, Liz and I have not been so silent.
Nasal sprays, Strepsils and NightNurse have been our constant companions since before Hogmanay.

Liz, usually as healthy as an ox and seemingly immune to infections, picked up a cold from one of the family on Christmas Day (we know who you are - grrr). The outcome was inevitable.

We spent New Year's Eve in bed, not sipping champagne but LemSip.

Only now are the snivels and hacking coughs starting to subside. Until today it was an effort to merely think, let along write.

I'm itching to get on my bike, but the short walk to post a book left me embarrassingly breathless. No matter, the newly returned snow doesn't make safe road-riding conditions. I've a lot of training to do before the Etape Caledonia in May.

Did I mention I have a place in Scotland's only closed-road Sportive? Liz is going to train with me, for which we've decided, she needs a new road bike. Her previous, twenty-year old Specialised finally wobbled to a wheezing end in November. Sounds just like me, right now.


Sergio said...

Hello Simon
I hope you get better soon !!!
Happy 2011 and keep up your excellent work

Simon said...

Hi Sergio
Thank you very much for your kind wishes. I'll survive!