Custom Bike Fitting in Glasgow

I bought a new road bike - a Specialized Roubaix Elite.

It's far from the top of the range but still a huge expense. Although not too bad when you think of the price of a kayak. And a current deal means I also got £170 of Specialised kit "free".

I paid £120 extra to have the bike custom fit to me, and to have my old Trek also custom fitted in the same session. That might sound a lot, but I have seen the different it has made to Liz's cycling position and subsequent comfort.

I've had a dodgy back for ages. Having the bike, pedals and shoes set up exactly for my body geometry will, I hope, get rid of the back pains I suffer ever time I spend more than five hours in the saddle.

It was done at Dales Cycles in Glasgow (contact details). It takes three hours and any bike can be fitted, not only new ones. They use the Specialized Body Geometry Fit System.

I'll let you know how it feels once I've ridden the Roubaix a few times. [EDIT- a year and a half later, trips to the Alps & Pyrenees, a Spanish training camp and several sportiest later I reckon this was money incredibly well spent.]


Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell Simon, Judging from that picture.. youve lost alot of weight recently.
Enjoy the new bike, Cheers Tony

Simon said...

Oh I think I am like that. Underneth it all. somewhere...