GoPro HD Gets a Screen - Video

It's pathetic really, but I am stupidly excited about this.

My favourite wee HD camera now has a monitor so you can line up the shot and see exactly what you're shooting.

Obviously, it makes the unit bigger, so it comes with new, larger doors to seal the screen in its waterproof housing. As well as being able to line up the shot, you can instantly play back material, without having to download to a laptop as at present. Oh - and there's a loudspeaker with volume control.

We really could have done with this on Skye yesterday! The size and versatility of this wee camera could even outclass the delayed POV-HD. I'll let you know as soon as I've managed to lay hands on one. (Edit: pre-ordered mine through DogCam Sports).


paddlingOTAKU said...

it will be a little while until I pick this up, I am very excited to here some hands on. I wills ay Contour released an update for their contour HD which allows you to use your smartphone as a screen, which I thought was a very good idea.


John said...

Looking forward to getting one of these, should make a big difference. Sticky pod and a pole on the want list too :)