Hint Of Heat

"The first glimpse of sun and it's like this", explained woman in the Cullen Ice Cream shop. The queue snaked out of the door and up the street, away from the viaduct.

One of her customers chimed in, "You should see the queue for icd cream in Port Soy - it goes around the whole shop and down the street".

The sun came out today. And here's the amazing bit. It felt warm. For the first time this year, we felt a hint of what summer might bring.

You grab your chances up here.

Shorts were dug out if drawers, teamed with beach shirts and flip flops, and suddenly the dudes of Aberdeenshire were chillin' in the rays. The beach babes bared even more flesh than usual. I expect Boots will sell considerable quantities of after-sun product come Monday.

We grabbed our chance too. Portsoy to Portknockie is not in Scotland's 50 best paddles book. However, it was recommended in Donald's podcast, and came with a five-star report from a local friend.

Boy were they right!

I'll tell the story of today's superb paddle when I can add the photos. Since it included a near-miss from a diving gannet, which plummeted into the sea less than a metre off my bow, it probably needs it's own entry.

For now we've tucked into dish suppers at Findhorn. If the weather stays as it is, we're planning to head into the Moray Firth tomorrow to see if we can spot the dolphins.


Cailean Macleod said...

Mouth of River Spey at Spey Bay or Channory Point or Fort George (park just short of the military base entrance on the left)

If have excellent encounters with the Bottle Nosed Dolphins there.

Cromarty - The Sutors is well worth doing as it the community owned & operated pizza / bakery :-)

Simon said...

Great to hear from you Cailean - took your advice too.