New Podcast - Connecticut

Kayaking the tidal races of Connecticut is Greg Paquin's speciality.

Greg runs Kayak Waveology. I first heard about him through Harry Whelan when we paddled on the Thames.

It's a revealing insight to a part of the world that I hadn't really thought about as a sea kayaking destination. Shows how wrong you can be.

Find it, as usual, at

There's also some news on that site.

Starting 1st May, the Podcasts will become video diaries which we're making while shooting DVD-2, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown Vol 2 - Rescues, rough water & staying safe.

These will show behind the scenes, out-takes, and preview clips of the final production.

I'll try to keep the regular contributor podcasts going, releasing them mid-way through each month, provided I can find the time.


Sergio said...

Hello Simon
I can't wait to wait to watch your posts about the DVD2.!!
I'm sure they'll be outstanding.
Cheers and the best of luck

Simon said...

Hi Sergio
I'm working on them first. Thanks for the best wishes