Etape Caledonia - 5000 Cyclists On One Route This Weekend

If you're not involved in the Etape Caledonia, then it's probably a good idea to avoid the Pitlochry area this weekend.

Or at least, time your visit carefully.

The small map alongside shows which roads will be closed and at what times. It's an 81 mile course, so that's a quite lot of road closure. See detailed map.

A couple of years ago some irate local(s) sprinkled tacks on the road to stop cyclists in their tracks. More. Obviously I'm hoping there's no repeat of that! But just in case, I have two inner tubes wiht me.

The event raises a huge amount of money for Macmillan Cancer Support, and now a festival of cycling has been built around the Etape, providing an even bigger boost to the local economy. I'm heading there this morning (Saturday) to register.

Below are two videos (with rather good music) which give an idea what I'll be up to on Sunday. Except I'll be at the back...

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