Invasion of the Model T Fords

It's not every day a convoy of more than sixty, Model T Fords chug past your house.

But then, it's not every day one reaches the summit of Ben Nevis.

One hundred years ago, Henry Alexander famously drove his vehicle to the summit of Britain's highest mountain.

Today his grandson is trying to repeat the expedition. (The Scotsman story)

From chatting to a driver, I understand they manhandeled the vehicle 1000 feet on the first day, but had less success on the second day.

So, I'm told, they have dismantled the vehicle and today, a team of volunteers is carrying all the components to the summit of the Ben, where the Model T Ford will be re-built and photographed.

The driver who told me this is taking part in the Model T Centenery Challenge Tour.

He added they have to be off the summit by early afternoon, as thunder storms are forecast.

It's not considered a good idea to be walkng down a mountain, lightning bouncing off rocks, with large pieces of metal sticking out of your rucksack.

Those not involved in the recreation of this enterprise are on tour. They showed me today's route. Frankly, I wouldn't drive my wee Polo along that course.

The Foresty Commission has opened the road alongside Loch Shiel, so they could drive from Glenfinnan to Strontian, where we are, before heading around the Ardnamurchan Peninsula and back to Fort Bill.

That's a rough road, more of a land-rover track. We sometimes mountain bike it, and certainly wouldn't dream of taking a 'normal' car along.

But of course, these aren't like normal, modern mass produced cars.

That they'd negotiated Polloch Hill along the way only added to the challenge.

So all morning they've been cruising past our windows, on their way to their lunch-stop at Cozy Knits, the cafe in the Ariundle National Nature Reserve.

There will be a parade of all the vehicles on Saturday in Fort William. And presumably, if they make it, the new photo of the old Model T on the summit of Ben Nevis, will be in tomorrow's newspapers. Now you know the story too.

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