For the last few days Liz and I have been saying to each other things like, "it can't go on like this". The correct response seems to be, "yes it can".

In a few weeks time, I'm certain the official weather records will confirm Scotland has had the wettest May for decades. We had some lovely days at the start, but ever since we've been jet washed.

Yesterday's storms were the cherry ontop.

We don't get tornados or cyclones on the genuine extremes of weather experienced elsewhere in the world, but when trees come down and roofs fly off, that's extreme enough for us.

The swallows nesting under on neighbour's house are homeless, their nest washed off the wall. We haven't seen our baby robins in days. Our electricity went off. Planes, trains, and most other travel was disrupted, especially the ferries.

Our local Corran Ferry was off for three hours, remarkably little. "We took a battering right enough", I was told by one of the ferrymen today.

Because Tuesday is our shopping day in Fort William. Liz drove in early to swim before our yoga class. I rode in and I'm not sure which of us ended up wetter.

Oh and our home Internet is off. Which is why this is coming from Fort William.

Surely, it can't go on like this?

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