Humiliating U-Turn. By Me.

Our new DVD will not be released only in NTSC format as I wrote in May.

There will be a PAL version for most of the world and an NTSC copy, made in the US, for North America.

We journalists tend to describe such changes of decision as "a humiliating U-turn", especially if they're made by a politician.

I shall simply use the politicians' defence.

I asked you what you thought of NTSC only and, in comments and e-mails, you politely said "no thanks". So I have listened and learned.

Fingers crossed, it will be out 1st November.

Incidentally, I've just ordered some more PAL copies of DVD-1 as we're almost out of stock.

As you'll see, there has been an addition to the artwork.

'Volume 1' added in the top right corner of the front of the box. (The Copyright is now 2011 too).

Volume 1 was previously written on the rear of the box, but to be honest, it was toned down, almost hidden.

We weren't entirely sure any more volumes were going to happen. Now I'm delighted to say, the rough-cut of Volume 2 is almost complete and I ought to be able to take it to Gordon and Morag to review very soon.

Want to see some? Look out for the Video Diary of our St Kilda voyage, on this site on Friday.

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Peter Svensson said...

I have just bought the volume 1 and I'm looking forward to the volume 2.