A Mucky Weekend

Please forgive my pathetic and rather obvious attempted play on words.

On Saturday afternoon we kayaked from Ardnamurchan to Muck, the smallest of the Small Isles.

We arrived just before our friends stepped off the CalMac ferry. It had taken almost as long to travel from Mallaig.

They'd booked two weeks in their usual cottage, a break from their croft and self catering business.

Sunday morning was spent kayak fishing. I was contact towing Liz backwards, while Bill and Sukie were in their double plastic canoe. They must have some sort of fish-magnet strapped underneath, because in no time at all they hauled a bucket load out of the sea.

These provided an excellent lunch, were distributed to people on the island, and still there were enough for us to bring some home for dinner last night.

Sunday night we started the two-hour crossing back around 7pm.

The light was wonderful and the sea almost glassy smooth.

I'd told the CG we'd left our car at Fascadale, because I hadn't wanted any of the visitors to the holiday cottages there to report us "missing" when we'd failed to return Saturday night.

With the DVD edited, I can't do much more until I hear from our Executive Producer and from Gordon and Morag.

So we might just find our way back to this lovely small island.

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Ian said...

Pathetic play on words????

Douglas and I would have been fighting over that post title! :o)

all the best