Shetland Bus Kayakers, And A Race

Patrick Winterton and Mick Berwick, who I followed as they kayaked to the Faeroe islands, have been joined by Olly Hicks.

The three of them will attempt to kayak 388 km across the North Sea to Norway. Initially, they'll work together. But if it's safe to do so, the last stretch will be a race.

The 'race' will either be the last 44km or 44nm, they're not sure which! "Mick works in nautical miles, I work in kilometres", Patrick told me when he rang yesterday. "I bloody hope it's kilometres.

The 'Shetland Bus' refers to the operation run between Shetland and Norway during the Second World War, and the reason the number '44' was chosen is that represents the number of men lost during its operation.

They hope kayakers will each donate the price of a pint £3.88, to their Money Giving page for the two charities they're supporting, the RNLI and Make A Wish Foundation UK.

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Doreen Murgatroyd said...

Will watch out for more information on this trip with interest.

Hope their trip is successful and full of interest for them.

Will have to look up 'Shetland Bus' for more information.

thanks for the post