Three 'Rescues' DVDs Released August to October

Excellent! More choice can only be a good thing for sea kayakers. It shows how fast this sport is growing.

And I do like a bit of competition.

Two years ago, when we made our first Coaching DVD there were very few decent ones out there.

Now three will be released within weeks of each other. And at this rate there may be more by the time you read this! The three I know about are:

* Reel Water Productions: Bryan Smith has shot a 'rescues' based DVD with Shawna and Leon on Body Boat Blade. I wrote about it with a clip last September. That DVD is coming out early August, launching at the US Outdoor Retailer show. The trailer will appear this week.

* Sea Kayak Essentials: Nick Cunliffe is presenting a 'rescues' DVD which is currently being shot, due for release in October.

* Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown: Our offering in the increasingly crowded 'rescues' DVD market will also be out in October.

Spoiled for choice, eh?

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