Cover Artwork - our new Rescues DVD

I'm rather delighted with this. Rowland Woollven took the top photo, using my camera, during one of our filming sessions off Tarskavaig on Skye. The swimmer is Janice, who features quite a lot in the DVD and could now seek employment as a stuntwoman.

The bottom image was taken by Douglas Wilcox, using Gordon's camera, in a massive cave on Boreray in the St Kilda group of islands. The boat in the picture gives a sense of scale - twelve of us lived on that for a week. And the kayaker in silhouette in the hat is Liz.

I think Gregor has done an excellent job with the artwork, considering the style was already set by the first DVD and I asked him to come up with "the same, only different". The rest of the cover and the artwork which will be printed on the DVD itself is equally as good.


JANICE said...

Ha, perhaps less a stuntwoman and more a mutation to selkie form. Nice work, Simon.

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be a new book to compliment the DVD? There is cerainly a gap in the market for an up to date rescue book.

Thanks for a great web site


Simon said...

Hi Matthew

Gordon has not written a new book, but we are making available as a free download, extensive illustrated transcripts of each coaching session and the entire journey.

I printed them out the other day to proof read them and they were almost as thick as a book.

Janice - have you evolved webbing between your fingers yet?


JANICE said...

Aye, and a distinctive fishy smell pervades all air around me...