DVD Sales Falling, Download Sales Rising

Figures from the BVA I spotted in Monday's Media Guardian highlight an interesting trend.

"Spending on digital viewing via download and streaming services to mobile devices such as tablets rose 18% year on year, according to figures from the British Video Association (BVA)...

But they are yet to offset the slump in DVD and Blu-ray sales, which fell 8.1% in the first half of the year. Physical discs accounted for 96.5% of all sales in 2010."

And according to the BVA director general, Lavinia Carey, "Digital is growing and has huge potential with the growth of internet-connected devices such as smartphones and tablets now an accepted norm for video viewing."

Which is why our new Rescues DVD, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown, Volume 2 will be released as a DVD and as an HD digital download at the same time, mid- October.

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Vince said...

I'll still go for the hard copy. Being (English) rural our line speed is rubbish and we often lose the signal. Things like BBC iPlayer are a joke hereabouts. BT need a good kicking!