Video Pay To View - 7 Minute Coaching Session from New DVD

A slick trailer can mislead an audience. We've decided to make an entire chapter of our new Rescues DVD available to view online. More than seven minutes of coaching by Gordon Brown on the use of Contact Tows, in exchange for a small, affordable sum - $4.50 that's under £3. (It's a US player and has to be priced in $.)

We think this is the best way to experience the standard of coaching and video production in the DVD. There's also a short free preview, and it's embedded in the website too. It takes a while to load on Blogger, so if there's a big white gap below, go here instead.

Of course we will also have a slick trailer! It will go live on 1st October when a re-designed website will open for orders of the Rescues DVD, Volume 2 - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.

I'm now off travelling and riding my bike for a few weeks, so probably no updates until mid-Sept.


Geoff said...

Hi Simon,

Good stuff. The only problem I find is that when watching the trailer, if I pause to let it download all the way I get sent back to the "click to purchase" screen which means I end up watching the trailer in 5 second bites as it continually re buffers.

Simon said...

Hi Geoff

I'm sorry about that, but I'm honestly not sure what to suggest.

Here in the backwaters of the Scottish Highlands, where I know I have a relatively slow internet connection, I have no problem at all with the buffering rate and the preview plays fine.


Geoff said...

Hi Simon,

No worries, I'll just buy the DVD when it comes out :-)