Video - Trailer for Body Boat Blade's Rescues DVD

Having spent much of the last ten months planning and then shooting our sea kayak 'rescues' DVD, it's fascinating to see how Bryan Smith and the good folks of Body Boat Blade have tackled the same (or similar) challenge.

As I'd expect, their trailer looks really good, and they're launching the DVD at Outdoor Retailer in the USA. It will be very interesting to watch the whole thing when I can get hold of it.

One of these days I might even get the chance to chat to Bryan about their approach and swap notes. Two film-makers talking shop - now that certainly would not be an interesting podcast!


Anonymous said...

Save your money and stick with Gordon Brown's set. While Gordon and Co. produce DVDs paddlers can actually learn great skills and techniques from, the BBB DVD does not have the attention to detail, clear shots, instructional narration, nor purpose to be anything more than a nice advertisement for their business.

Simon said...

As the fictional Francis Urquhart was fond of saying in House of Cards "you might think so - I couldn't possibly comment".