I Filled 3 Royal Mail Sacks with New DVDs

If you ordered before 10:30 today, then your DVD is in one of these sacks.

If you were after that time they'll dispatch tomorrow.

Our Post Office chap was a little bemused when Liz and I staggered in with the three boxes of DVDs.

He calmed down when he realised we'd stamped then all and done all the Customs forms for outside the EU.

And was positively delighted when I spent £175 on stamps for the next batch. The postage is free to the buyer but not to me!

So three Royal Mail sacks, sealed and dedicated to the safe carriage of Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown-Volume 2, are on their way to an Inverness sorting office and then to your post box.

I'm going to have to order some more soon...

1 comment:

Hubert said...

Nice ;-)
Can't wait to see it.
I hope it will arrive soon in holland...