Video - Sea Kayaking Pioneers

There is much more to this film than I put in the first trailer - so I've made another one. You'll find it below.

I've also cut the price of the download to just £3.99.

For those who don't like Downloads, I've run off a few PAL Region 2 DVDs from our edit computer - there's no fancy box though.

When I produced the first trailer for Hamish's Kayaking Films, I really messed up.

I emphasised the St Kilda story because Hamish and Anne Gow were the first to kayak to those islands.

But eight minutes of Hamish's cine footage that crossing features in Volume 2 of Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.

Anyone who bought the DVD would look at the first trailer and conclude, "I've seen all that".

In reality there's much more of Hamish's excellent archive footage in this 24 minute film. Shot in the 1950's and 1960's, exploring Mingulay, Staffa and other Scottish islands, as well looking at equipment and techniques.

So the new trailer emphasises what's not in the Gordon Brown DVD - I hope you like it.

And at just £3.99, I hope you buy it!

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