New Year, New Eyes. What?

Sorry, I realise that title is a bit weird. Rather Gary Gilmore.

But it came to me during our first paddle of 2012 last Friday.

We covered a very familiar section of Scotland's west coast, but we launched at a different place than we normally do.

"Big deal", I hear you say. Well it was, actually.

For some reason I still can't fully explain, the route felt completely different.

Liz and I explored nooks and crannies of the coast we'd hardly noticed before.

Our new put-in cut out a whole section of (excellent) paddling in Loch Moidart, so while we won't make a habit of it, we travelled further up the coast to a lovely lunch spot before turning back.

A Golden Eagle lifted off from a skerry as we approached - not the easiest shot to take with a compact camera.

I suppose it's a matter of perspective. Shift it ever so slightly, and even familiar ground can look fresh and exciting.

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