SeaKayakPodcasts - Taking a Break

A few days ago I wrote this:

"Apple is dropping the system which allowed me to simply make and upload podcasts. So after six years, that seems like a cue to bring them to a close".

This was picked up by David at

Since then I have been utterly overwhelmed by the feedback I've received.

Wow. Thank you all. And thanks for all the offers to host the archive. Brilliant.

Here's the thing. I don't want something I love to become a chore.

While I never tire of chatting to interesting kayakers, the getting-it-on-the-internet bit was hard enough using the simple Apple system. With that being scrapped in June, I figured I was looking at a lot more work for each podcast = a chore.

Now the team at, who made our early versions of the websites, reckon they can set me up with a really simple system. Perhaps even more simple than what I used.

So the Podcasts are on hold while I investigate this new system. It might take some time. But they're not gone. Not yet anyway.

Oh the boat. Nothing to do with this at all...


Mike J said...

I amhappy to hear that there is hope! :)

Ian said...

Good news Simon, they'll be missed if you decide not to continue

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...


Canoe Sailor said...

I really love your podcasts and they are the only ones I download. I hope you can find a way to keep doing it.