Eric Soares - What A Paddler - Podcast 1 Yr Ago

I didn't know Eric Soares personally, but a year ago I put live a Podcast with him about the inspiring antics of the Tsunami Rangers.

We chatted on Skype for what seemed like ages, before and after the section we actually recorded. His passion for paddling shone through.

His death from an aneurysm, which may or may not have been linked to a ski-ing fall, is just awful and I can only add my condolences to those from people who were closer to Eric and his family.

The comments section of his last Blog Post is becoming a tribute wall to Eric.

If you'd like to experience that infectious enthusiasm for sea kayaking that "the commander" was so keen to share, download his podcast from - it's right there at the top of the page. There's also a streaming version to listen online.

I'd also direct you towards the Tsunami Rangers' videos on YouTube. They were doing great kayak videos long before I picked up a paddle!

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