Host A Superb Film Night At Your Kayak Club or Shop

I have several 'media' type blog posts coming this week, the reason for which will become clear in a few days.

Starting with this - Here's a GREAT way to raise money for your kayak club or bring people into your store.

It's very, very easy to 'host' the Reel Paddling Film Festival winners world tour. These are 'The best paddling films of the year', and we were lucky enough to win 'Best Sea Kayaking Film 2012' with Rescues-Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.

It's free (I think). They ship the material to you. They provide the tickets and online booking. They provide promo material. It couldn't be easier.

As an aside - I received a nice e-mail from festival Director Scott MacGregor (with that name he must have Scottish roots!) saying: "I screened it last night at the premiere, to many cheers and laughter."

Here's the thing. It's called a 'world tour' yet most of the 100 dates already booked are in the USA and Canada, because it's a Canadian award. So imagine how popular (and lucrative?) it could be to organise a hall, projector, DVD player and seats to bring this collection of films to your place?

Don't contact me though! This page tells you all you need to know. More media-type stuff tomorrow and during this week.

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