My New Box Brownie?

I've not yet made a final decision but it looks like Volume 3 - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown will be shot on the tapeless Canon XF300.

Prices online vary between £4,200 and £5,300 but a UK guarantee and prompt service is essential in a piece of kit like this. So I'll go fishing for some quotes.

Three other cameras I considered were the Panasonic AF101, the Sony FS100, and a camera I've used a lot on BBC jobs, the excellent Sony EX1.

Naturally, I've picked the most expensive of the bunch! But it's the best suited to my way of working, and the only one which conforms to the BBC's minimum requirements for HD production.

I'd also like the tiny, water-resistant Sony NX70 but that hikes the bill too much for now. So if I can sell a few more DVDs I'll be able to buy it before 5th April. If anyone thinks shooting kayaking DVDs makes money, they should see what good ones cost to make.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon
Been thinking about using the 5 D Mark II or another similar one?

Could save a lot of money

cheers Bjoern

David H. Johnston said...

Time to just skip the steps and go with a RED Cam.

David J.

Simon said...

Hi David

The new wee RED Scarlet looks nice, or the lovely pictures from the Arri Alexa... but they're out of my league. So many great cameras around at the moment.

Hi Bjoern - I'm a fan of Philip Bloom (who I saw speaking at BVE yesterday) and have followed the DSLR developments for a few years.

I love the look, but DSLR just won't work the way I need to work for broadcast, web and DVDs. The Sony FS100 and Panasonic AF101 were the response to this, but they seem better suited to controlled, tripod work. Mine is mostly run-and-gun in wild places.

And remember, there's the body, plus lenses, plus Zacuto viewfinder (for critical focus using shallow DoF), plus stabilising rig, plus variable neutral density filters, plus separate sound recording - it all adds up.

Bottom line is it has to be 'BBC Approved' and at this price point it's a choice of the Canon XF300/305 or the Panasonic HPX 250. I played with both and prefer the Canon.


David H. Johnston said...

I would agree with you there. I have a friend who runs a RED cam here in Toronto for a TV show and he would agree that it's out of budget for mere mortals.

That is, unless you are Peter Jackson who purchased 30 of the units for The Hobbit.

David J.