Congratulations to Becky Mason - Her Film Beat Ours

Becky Mason's new film Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing beat our entry Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown - Volume 2 to win the Safety & Instruction award at the Waterwalker Film Festival.

The Canadian festival is a tribute to her father, the late Bill Mason, conservationist, canoeist and film maker. So it's fitting her film should win the award.

I'm pleased our offering received an 'honourable mention'.

Her film won also the Safety & Instruction award at the Reel Paddling Festival at which we won Best Sea Kayaking Film.

I haven't seen it, but I'm told her film is lovely, so here's the trailer.

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David H. Johnston said...

There would have been some serious competition between the two of them. Her film is a real work of art as well.

David J.