Packing My Bike For Flight

This is my first attempt at packing my road bike for the flight to Spain next week.

I'm honestly not too happy with it.

I've used gaffa tape around the pipe lagging to protect the tubes. This isn't re-useable so I might buy some cable ties and use those instead.

However, I am pleased with the way it simply slides into a cardboard bike box.

My excellent local bike shop, Nevis Cycles, regularly pack bikes for some well known cyclists and rated the humble cardboard bike box higher than some of the specialist bike bags out there.

They also me a fork spacer, a protector for the rear mech, and that push-on disc you can see on the front wheel. Hopefully that will stop the hub pushing its way through the cardboard.

"Just be sure to gaffa tape over the staples", I was advised, as well as reinforcing the outside of the box with lots of tape too. Will it survive?

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