Train In Spain - Cycle Camp At The End Of The Month

A week on saturday I'll be on a flight to Alicante to go cycling with these folk from Train In Spain.

Specifically, I've booked a place on the Sportstest camp with Dr Garry Palmer, riding the hills around the lovely town of Denia.

This is the first time I've ever done anythng like this, so I haven't a clue what to expect. I only hope I'm not the old, slow git at the back...

I know the area exceptionally well.

My parents bought a house near Denia in 1978 and I've visited every year since. The last time was four years ago to sell their old house, after my Mum died, my Father having passed away quite a few years ago.

I will be able to call in on a few old friends, and it will be interestng to see how much has changed in those four years.

Plenty to do then if I am dropped off the back of the group!

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