100 mph Human Powered Bicycle?

World record speed cyclist Graeme Obree is building a bike in his kitchen in an attempt to break the human-powered land speed record.

In the video below he speaks of riding at 85mph. 

In the talk he gave in Aberfeldy on Saturday, Graeme said 100mph was possible.

He'll be lying down, chin barely above the front wheel, with hands on its front axle.  And he hopes to attempt it this year.

Remember, this is the guy whose homemade bike famously included parts from an old washing machine.

He broke the world one-hour record twice and won the world championships on two occasions.  He is a self-confessed obsessive, studying aerodynamics to produce his radical 'tuck' and then 'superman' sitting positions, and the biology of gas exchange to devise a new breathing method.

There's no British Cycling velodrome or team of sports scientists helping.  It's Graeme in his kitchen cooking up a new bike.  His is a superb tale, captured in the book:  The Flying Scotsman: The Graeme Obree Story.  There's also a Kindle version here.

Here's Graeme's website.  There's also an interview by Nigel Brown on which the video below appears.

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