Superb Model Greenland Kayaks

These are more like individual pieces of art than model Greenland kayaks.

Each is hand-made, mounted on a piece of driftwood, signed and dated by its creator.  Some are bare frame, while others have a 'skin'.

Please forgive the snapshot.  

They should really be nicely lit and photographed against black, not snapped with a phone camera ontop of a Daily Telegraph that's being used to protect the kitchen table!

I spotted them when visiting Rowland Woollven to record a Podcast that will go live on in October (along with several new recordings).

So far Rowland has only made them as gifts for friends.  But increasingly he's being asked by kayakers if they can buy one.  Now, the answer is yes.

Each is very labour intensive, and Rowland does not want to spend all his waking hours making model kayaks.  So this will never be a big industrial-scale operation!  But if you're interested, please get in touch with him.  

I expect they'll cost around £90, but Rowland can give details - contact him through his website.

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