First New Podcast in AGES. It's a great story.

We had to come back with a cracker, didn't we?

Most Scottish based sea kayakers have heard stories about a Greenland kayaker washed up on a Scottish beach centuries ago.  I'd always assumed the story lay somewhere in the blurred, grey area between myth and history.

It not only turns out to be true, but it seems a whole community might have been living off Orkney.  By any standards, that is an excellent story.  What's more, it's a mystery, because no-one could successfully explain how they got there.

Until now.

Norman Rogers new book, which I wrote about last week, Searching for the Finmen, gets as close to an explanation as I think anyone will ever find.  Buy the book here.

So naturally, Norman is the subject of our first podcast in the newly re-launched

Updates and direct links to podcasts will also be on our Twitter Feed - SKPodcasts.

There will be one new podcast at the start of each month.  

During the month, I'll also publish some older episodes from the archive as I gradually migrate onto the new system.  

With more than seventy recordings it is taking some time.  Or listen to the streaming version here.


David said...

Simon, not everyone uses (or wants to use) iTunes. It's like people assuming that one uses Windows, Microsoft Office etc etc. I (for one) would much appreciate if you could make links to the (mp3) files direct from a web page. Then we can easily download. Thanks!

Simon said...

Hi David

Thanks for the comment.

I don't assume everyone uses iTunes - indeed, the entire site at is desgned for people who DON'T use iTunes.

Every Podcast mp3 file has had a direct link from the main site since we started in 2006. They're even sorted by subject matter, with the new ones on the front page.

Releasing them on Twitter, and with a direct streaming version on this blog is new.

That said, the new Libsyn system gives me much more data about traffic sources, and iTunes is a very important source.

Hope you can find all the direct links you ask for to all the files - if not please come back to me.

Thanks again

David said...

Ah, I see, understood. I think what disorientated me was your paragraph "Updates and direct links to podcasts will also be on our Twitter Feed - SKPodcasts." where the embedded link is the same as in the previous para. Maybe a mistake? It made me think that you had abandoned the old site/style. So maybe you intended a link to instead?
Excellent stuff; am looking forward to more great podcasts.

Simon said...

Phew - glad that's sorted.

Actually, I might be about to show the limit of my technical knowledge, but here goes.

There are now more ways than before to access the podcasts. There's really just one file sat on Libsyn's servers, but you get to it through lots of routes.

* Direct link from
* Embedded in the blog
* iTunes and other Podcast RSS readers
* The Libsyn webpage (which I don't publicise)
* The @SKPodcasts twitter feed puts a shortened link to the file when it announces a new podcast is published.

Hopefully that clears it up!

All the best