GoPro 3 vv Sony Action Cam

I am so keen to get my hands on these new cameras, but they're not in the UK yet.

These don't seem to be PAL versions.

GoPro has just announced the GoPro 3, which comes in three flavours - white, black and silver.  

The resolution looks frankly amazing, but then this little camera has always produced great results.  

We used GoPro HD1 extensively in Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown Volume 2.  But I resisted buying the GoPro2 because I felt the detachable wifi back looked cumbersome.  GoPro seems to have had similar thoughts and wifi is now built-in.  

What's more, they have some serious competition.  

Sony is poised to release in the UK its Action Cam with built-in wifi.  The link is to the US store, but the PAL model should be in Europe before the end of the year.  

That picture alongside doesn't do it justice.  There's a screen on the other side of the camera and a plastic waterproof housing.  

Now what does that sound like?

Here's a video comparison review of the GoPro2 and the Sony cameras I found on YouTube.  Perhaps the GoPro 3 will answer some of the criticisms and keep it in the lead.

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But does 2.7K and 4K video matter when people are watching 720p or 1080p video on YouTube or Vimeo?