I'm on GMT. She's on BST. It's confusing

If I have a meeting with you in the coming weeks, I apologise now for being late.  Or early.  

Liz has decided she wants to stay on British Summer Time. So when the clocks went back last Saturday night, hers didn't.  She feels it's more appropriate for where we live in north west Scotland.

I'm a very different sort of person. I lived my life to the ticking demands of television deadlines.  "You're on in three, two, one...".  Show up one minute late to read the news and you're fired.

Liz doesn't wear a watch - unthinkable to me.  She's the only person I know who could fall asleep in an airport and miss a transatlantic flight.  

So we have a situation where 'her' clocks (kitchen, her phone) are currently showing one hour ahead of 'my' clocks (watch, computers).  Our vehicle clocks are different too, and I can't remember which is on which time.  It's damn confusing.  

I made lunch and sat down yesterday to watch the One O'clock News only to find some stupid antiques programme on TV.  I was an hour early.  I wonder how long we'll keep this up? 

A new Sea Kayak Podcast goes live tomorrow morning.  At what time?  I've no idea.

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robpealing said...

Thanks for the chuckle.