Live the Eco-Self-Sufficient Dream in the Scottish Highlands

Due to health concerns, our good friends have reluctantly decided to sell their amazing croft.

[edit: It received a double-page feature in The Scotsman Property Section on Thursday 1st November and so there is a lot of interest.]

For the last four years they have been virtually self-sufficient in food.  

Electricity comes from a big wind turbine.  

Heating comes from a massive solar array and sophisticated log burning boiler.  

And their self-catering business returns around £70k a year income.  

They built their own lovely four-bedroom house and the two conjoined self-catering houses.  After years in the hotel business they got the designs absolutely spot on.

On their 6.5 acres they have poly tunnels, growing beds, plus enclosures for ducks, geese, chickens and a dairy cow.  

They have had pigs (I've written a lot about those pigs) but they have now gone on their one-way trip to Mull.

This is less of a business sale than a lifestyle opportunity.

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