New Sea Kayak Podcasts APP for iPhone and iPad

There are now more ways than ever to listen to  

As ever, Podcasts can be downloaded straight to your smartphone, via your computer to your mp3 player, or streamed online.

Now there's also an App for iPone and iPad which will allow us to provide bonus content. An Android version is coming soon.

Read how to get the App here - how it works and its limitations.

Most people don't care how the mp3 reaches them, they just want great content.  You'll be pleased to hear we have some superb interviews lined up in the coming months.

But you might like to know everything is done through Libsyn which sends the mp3 file to the following locations.

First and foremost, it is hosted at  New podcasts appear on the front page and on the archive page which is most relevant to their content.  If you want to hunt for an interesting Podcast, this is the place to do it.  All these are direct links to the mp3 files.

When a new podcast goes live, it's announced on the @SKPodcasts Twitter feed.  

There's a brief summary along with a link to a streaming version of the podcast.

I know from the statistics exactly how many people download the podcasts using iTunes.  

If you haven't found it yet, you can see the preview here, from which there's a link to the iTunes page.  

Or go to the iTunes store and search for Sea Kayak Podcasts in the Podcast section.  

If you enjoy the podcasts, it would be wonderful if you gave us a 5 star review please.  This helps other sea kayakers find the podcasts too.

Of course, iTunes is not the only compiler of podcasts.  We're also with FeedBurner, where you'll find us on a page which looks like this one alongside.

What's more, Libsyn has automatically created yet another web page for us.  I know, I know - far too many places...

Actually, I'd rather not have this webpage but I can't work out a way of turning off this option!

A streaming version of each new podcast (not archive ones) will appear on this blog, as happened on 1st October with the Finmen podcast.  Or rather, it will if I remember to do it...

Our big news though are the APPS.  They're the direct way to access the entire podcast library and bonus content.

So there you have it.

For the next couple of weeks, through much of October, archive podcasts will appear in the feeds as I migrate them onto the new system.

On 1st November a brand new podcast interview will appear, with another new release coming around 15th November.  

Subscribe and you won't miss a thing.

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