Video - Cycle Training and Science in Sport Winter Academy

I mentioned I am one of nine folk in the SiS Winter Academy to improve my off season training nutrition. I've decided to share all the information I receive with readers of this blog. So it makes sense for you to know the types and extent of winter training I'm doing.
By coincidence, I needed to test a new tiny waterproof camera, the Sony GW55VE .  So I've shot this video (almost) entirely on that camera using the on-board mic. There are a couple of GoPro shots in there but very few. Otherwise it was me, the Sony, a GorillaPod , and lots of running around. The video is also on YouTube.

The academy gets going for real later this week with a nutritional assessment - I'll let you know how that goes. Otherwise things will be quiet here from me this week because I'll be away shooting some of DVD3.

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